‘Manchester by the Sea’ Review

‘Manchester by the Sea’ Review »

Devastatingly human and tragically beautiful, 'Manchester by the Sea' delivers heart-breaking realism with superb acting to boot. - Read more...

‘La La Land’ Review

‘La La Land’ Review »

Damian Chazelle's modern musical 'La La Land' is a must-see film that will make your heart glow and your soul soar. - Read more...

‘Live by Night’ Review

‘Live by Night’ Review »

Affleck directs and stars in this confused gangster film that can't quite decide what it wants to be. - Read more...

BAFTA Nominations 2017

BAFTA Nominations 2017 »

By Stephanie Brandhuber

Awards season is in full swing, and with the Golden Globes already done and dusted it was the Brits’ turn

The 74th Golden Globes Recap

The 74th Golden Globes Recap »

Here's our recap of this year's 74th Golden Globe Awards, with a full list of winners. - Read more...