Recap: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ “Legacy”

Star Wars Rebels has sadly come to its winter break with the final episode of 2015, “Legacy.” Bringing with it peril and a precarious position for the fledgling Rebellion, “Legacy” mainly focuses on Ezra and bringing come closure for the blooming Jedi. A great way to close out the year for the show, this episode gives Ezra a new outlook on his life, forcing him to move forward instead of looking back. “Legacy” is a turning point for both Ezra and the Rebellion, and they can only grow stronger as the season carries on.


Ezra Hera

Even with the Empire and Inquisitors looming over the Rebellion’s secret outpost, the Force is speaking to Ezra (Taylor Gray), and through a Matrix like symbol (“follow the white rabbit”), Ezra finds himself drawn back home to Lothal in search of his missing parents. As the Empire appears and the rebel fleet must flee capture in search of a more permanent base, Ezra and Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) make their way to the now abandoned Lothal. Their search comes to an end with an escaped Imperial prisoner who finally tells Ezra of his parents’ fate.

With this being the final episode of the year for Rebels, “Legacy” is all about movement forward, both physically and emotionally. Though it is mainly about Ezra and his journey to the truth about his parents, in the background, the Rebellion is being pushed into finding a new base or risk aimlessly wandering the stars. After Ezra unknowingly lets slip the Rebellion’s hiding spot to Seventh Sister’s droid (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in the previous episode, it was inevitable that they would be found, surrounded, and forced to escape. Luckily for them, however, perhaps they won’t have long to run with the help of Rex and his list of outposts that Hera (Vanessa Marshall) and Kanan began this episode scouring.

Ezra Inquisitors

Much like our small group of Rebels needed to meet and become part of the wider Rebellion in order for the story to progress, the small fleet needs to keep on the move. It continues their plight, enhances the danger inherent in waging guerrilla warfare against a vastly stronger opponent, and keeps us invested. Having the Empire attack full force also gives Ezra time to shine yet again, as we get to see how far he has advanced in his training both with Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) and Kanan.

The main draw of “Legacy”, however, is Ezra, his past, and discovering the fate of his parents, a loss that, until now, has been holding him back from truly embracing his future and who he can become. Once he learns that his Force induced dreams correlate to an Imperial prison break out, all roads point home, and to a mysterious prisoner who knew Ezra’s parents. The chase of a white Lothcat is amusing while showing Ezra’s resourcefulness, and even though we have a pretty good idea the answer that awaits him at the end, it is still heartbreaking when he looks to Kanan for comfort.

Ezra Kanan cat prisoner

Ezra’s search for answers about where he comes from and how he fits into the legacy that his parents have left him with has been the bulk of the first half of this season, and he has developed into a brilliant character. It is Ezra’s conflict that makes him the heartbeat of this season so far – as much fun as it is to see Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein) and Rex once again – and the story has been constantly testing his commitment both to the Rebellion and his Jedi training, stories that have kept us interested in his character as he develops from a silly kid into a resourceful, smart member of the Rebellion. Though Kanan and his mysterious survival of the Jedi purge was one of the main draws of last season, Rebels has done a great job of building Ezra into a very strong character, voiced incredibly well by Taylor Gray, and it seems as though is journey has only just begun.

Season 1 was very much an introduction to our Rebels, their galaxy, and how they sought to change it. The first half of Season 2 has put meat on the bones of what the first season created, and in the best possible way, Rebels has made a great place for itself within the Star Wars universe. Having Ezra as the central focus of this season really makes Rebels feel fully like Star Wars as we get to watch a young orphan wanting to escape his lonely life becoming more than he ever thought he could be. Ezra has become incredibly interesting, fun, and engaging to watch, especially as he continues to grow both with the help of his mentors and on his own, and as he faces down two Inquisitors and possibly Darth Vader when Season 2 picks up again next year, it will be great to see where he goes on the heels of his parents deaths.

Ezra Kanan

The Rebellion is growing as well, both with people and recognizable vehicles. It’s fabulous to have both Rex and Ahsoka back, even if we didn’t get to see them interact as much as we would have hoped, but individually they had strong presences throughout the first half of this season. We’re all waiting for the moment when Ahsoka finally gets to face Vader, possibly with Rex by her side, but for now it’s incredibly satisfying to watch her own the newest Inquisitors with her dual white lightsabers.

There has been some good set up for the continuation of the Rebels story, both with Season 2’s second half and the announced Season 3, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

4 Stars (4 / 5)

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