‘Minions’ Quick Review

With the first half of this year’s blockbuster season ruled by Avengers, dinosaurs, gunslingers, and aca-bitches, finally the kiddies are getting their time at the cinema with the film they’ve been waiting for. Sitting in a theatre full overwhelmingly with those seven and under, it’s impossible to question why Minions, the sidekick spinoff of Despicable Me will be a huge hit. A complete manifestation of the little yellow jibber jabberers themselves, Minions is G rated slapstick heaven. From the incredible vocal talent work of Pierre Coffin, creating a new character for each minion from the same voice, the three central characters have a great dynamic as they partner up for an epic journey.

In the years before they met Gru (Steve Carell), the Minions wandered the Earth from the time of the dinosaurs, jumping from one evil genius to another. After a certain amount of time, and without a big boss to serve, Kevin, Stewart, and Bob head out into the wide world to find their tribe’s salvation. At a highly secretive villain convention, they discover that the 1960’s biggest super villainess, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) is looking to hire henchmen.


Though it’s no Pixar or Dreamworks emotional, subtle message driven piece of genius animation, Minions is still an easy, funny, and cute day out of the summer heat, even if the best scenes are given away in the trailers. The vocal performances are all well done, especially for a script where half of it is in a made up language. The performers embraced the overall silly tone of what they were making, clearly enjoying themselves, and the film is far from dull. However, the amount of silliness and topical references for the adults without a strong heart beating underneath it all does get tiring, and despite the friendship and cuteness between the three main Minions, we’ve seen it done better.

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

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