Rumours revealed about new ‘Ghostbusters’ plans

From contributing writer Stephanie Brandhuber

Earlier this year, Paul Feig announced the controversially received news of the all-female cast for his new Ghostbusters reboot, confirming the signing on of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon for his latest project. The news caused huge waves of contention and debate, sparking a lot of online discussions over the consequences of this decision in terms of plot and nostalgic authenticity.


Then, a few days ago, it was revealed that the Russo brothers and Channing Tatum have been discussing a Ghostbusters film of their own to star both Tatum and Chris Pratt. The rumor mill exploded with the idea that the Russo-Tatum take on the 1984 classic would feature an all-male cast and would be a completely separate reboot of the film, ignoring Feig’s decisions and taking a completely different direction. Both of these rumors have proven to be false, however. Although the Russo brothers’ Ghostbusters will concentrate heavily on the friendship dynamics of real life buddies Tatum and Pratt, there has been no indication of  a “no girls allowed” policy for the new film. Furthermore, instead of being its own separate Ghostbusters entity, the Russo-Tatum project will complement and work alongside Feig’s film, both movies being intended to operate in the same universe. Apparently, there are hopes that after the release of both films there will be another movie joining both of these Ghostbusters forces in an Avengers style joining of teams. If that isn’t enough, there have been further talks of having a potentially period-set prequel that won’t have anything to do with the original characters but will still be very much a part of the Ghostbusters universe.

Pratt Tatum

Although the four films definitely all fall under the Ghostbusters umbrella, not all of the films with solely concentrate on busting ghosts. Instead, the famous Ghostbusters franchise will work to incorporate a mixture of paranormal creatures, although how far these films will take this is still in question. Should we be expecting Tatum and Pratt to kick some Twilight vampire butt? How about some Starlord meets The Walking Dead zombie action? Who knows at this point, but a world of exciting possibilities has now been opened up with the expansion and diversification of the new Ghostbusters brand.

Although it would be very easy, if not natural, to be skeptical at this point about all the changes and rebranding these various films are taking on the original, beloved Ghostbusters concept, the fact that Dan Ackroyd and Ivan Reitman (who directed the original films), are both firmly in the driving seat for these new plans is reassuring. And although the Russos are busy at Marvel with filming Captain America: Civil War they are also very strongly committed to their new deal with Sony to produce and direct for the new films as well.

With four new films, new merchandising plans, and some of the funniest actors and actresses in the industry, expectations can’t help but be high, and we’ll only have to wait until July 2016 for the first leg of this new Ghostbusters adventure, with this being the initial release date for Paul Feig’s all-female installment. So get set ladies and gents, Ghostbusters is definitely on the menu for the next little while and in a very big way.

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