Recap: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ “Idiot’s Array”

After such an immensely important episode last week, Star Wars Rebels has lightened the mood with a fun episode filled with silly and sticky situations, just to help us remember that this is still mainly a kid’s show. With a name like “Idiot’s Array”, only trouble can follow, and for Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Hera (Vanessa Marshall) and our band of rebels, trouble comes in the form of a charming scoundrel who always holds something back: Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams).



The Ghost has run short on food and fuel, so while Kanan goes on the hunt for work, Zeb (Steve Blum) and droid Chopper take some down time and invest in a game of Sabacc against a shady figure. To win on a big hand, Zeb bets Chopper in lieu of chips, but his opponent, Lando, wins the game. Lando proves to be a businessman, however, and convinces Kanan to help him with a mission of his own after which Lando will return Chopper. Despite Hera’s reservations about the smooth talking stranger, Kanan agrees.

Lando leads the rebels on a trade mission to pick up some expert mining equipment, but as payment to his supplier, Azmorigan (James Hong) he offers up Hera. The quick-witted pilot plays along while Lando and Kanan procure his equipment. They leave it with the equally troublesome team, Zeb and Ezra (Taylor Gray), and against their orders they open the crate to reveal a “Puffer Pig”, which begins frantically running around the ship.

Hera escapes

Meanwhile, Hera escapes from her “new master” just in time to pilot The Ghost through the Imperial blockade surrounding Lothal. Unfortunately, the escaped and frightened pig puffs up, trapping Hera on the opposite side of the cockpit. The blockade run doesn’t go smoothly with Kanan and Zeb at the helm, and Hera must talk them through outrunning the pursuing TIE Fighters. They escape and Lando takes them to his land he intends to mine. However, Lando’s miffed contact is waiting for them, and Azmorigan demands that Hera and the pig be returned to him. The rebels and Lando dispense with the troublesome scumbag quickly while Chopper steals supplies from Lando’s camp, and the group parts ways with their new “friend”.

This episode of Rebels was all about having fun, introducing back into the Star Wars universe one of our main heroes who began as a self-serving businessman but became one of the most important figures in the Rebellion. We get to witness Lando as the young scoundrel that Han knew him as, and it’s great to have Billy Dee Williams back to voice him. Besides Lando’s return to Star Wars, “Idiot’s Array” does a lot more than create sticky situations for the characters. There are a few references to the originals, not least of which involves Hera poking Lando in the chest “after what you pulled” along with featuring a spacefaring Jabba the Hutt type of character. If this is how a young Lando is, what will a young Han Solo have to offer the galaxy?

Lando Rebels

This is one aspect that Rebels continues to do well: bringing in characters from the original trilogy and the prequels while also giving subtle (and not so subtle) hints of what is to come, from Ezra battling with the Dark Side to Lando smooth talking Sabine about her paintings, which hold very blatantly the eventual symbol of the Rebellion. These little tidbits are part of what makes the show a joy to watch, and as more about our characters is revealed hopefully the pieces between the prequels, Rebels, the original trilogy and the trilogy beginning later this year will become more defined and begin to come together. Overall, it will be fun to see how and if all of these characters from the cinematic Star Wars universe will continue to influence the story of Rebels.

3 Stars (3 / 5)

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