Recap: ’24: Live Another Day’ E9 “7:00pm-8:00pm”

As 24: Live Another Day begins to draw to a close, the show has no signs of slowing down, as big stories are wrapped up but are taken over as smaller ones begin to ascend to their climax. Episode 9 had everything we love about the later episodes in a season of 24: suspense, cheer-worthy moments, and examples of why Jack Bauer is one of the greatest action heroes on TV.


From the absence of a silent clock after Heller’s sacrifice last week, we held out some hope that Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) came through and were able to rescue him. As those in the know mourn the passing of the US President, drones start falling from the sky as Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley) keeps her word. That is until Iain Al-Harazi (Liam Garrigan) decides to replay the drone’s feed of Heller’s death and notices the telltale sign of a looped tape, confirming that Heller (William Devane) was still alive, and that he had help.

Jack Heller

As they turn the drone around, Jack puts the president into a car while Chloe traces the signal to Al-Harazi. Though Chloe is able to get close, she must ask Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) to help with his expertise, and Cross’ skills give Chloe a location. Jack goes on the move after requesting CIA assistance and telling Audrey of her father’s survival.

Unfortunately for Jack and the city of London, Margot’s sense of revenge for Heller’s double cross is inflamed, and she flies the drone to Waterloo Station, and as the clock ticks, the carnage will happen before the end of the episode. However, Jack and Kate (Yvonne Strahovski) reach Al-Harazi’s location, and after several moments involving Jack using his ninja skills to take down the bad guys, he repels down the roof and the face off of the season begins. The missiles for Waterloo launch as Jack enters the room by throwing Iain Al-Harazi out of the window. As he climbs in, he takes Margot into custody, and Chloe instructs him how to turn the missile to the Thames, ending the immediate threat. The next logical step would be for Margot to be interrogated, but Jack has other plans as he tosses her out the window to land beside her son.


As one storyline ends, one becomes the center of the season. Chloe decides that it’s time for her and Jack to part ways, and she meets up with Cross who turns out to be her lover. Meanwhile, Kate gets a call from her contact within the British police as they have found the bodies of Jordan Reed (Giles Matthey) and his killer, confirming Reed’s death. Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt), confirmed traitor, asks his middleman contact – Cross – to get him out of the country, seeing as his guilt for selling secrets to the Chinese and putting Kate’s husband under the chopping block for his crime will soon be exposed. However, Cross asks for something in return: the device Al-Harazi used to hack the drones, which is on it’s way to the CIA center. As Kate investigates Reed’s death, getting Jack involved when they cannot identify his murderer, Navarro takes the device. In typical 24 style, just as Navarro carries out his escape plan, Jack receives the information that ties Navarro to Reed’s murder, and a chase ensues that sees Navarro getting away just in the nick of time. He will undoubtedly show up again as the episode ends with Cross heading with Chloe to meet the CIA traitor.

Navarro Kate Eric

The hour between 7:00pm and 8:00pm was one of the most typically 24 episodes of the season yet, as it kept us on the edge of our seat, and every time Jack performed a brilliantly violent or physically demanding act we cheered. The progression of 24‘s story has always been the ending of the main threat that has kept us watching from the beginning so another secondary story could have it’s time to be fleshed out, and Episode 9 of Live Another Day did not disappoint. It will be interesting to see who Cross is playing middleman for, as he continues to remind Navarro that he is not the main person in control. Kiefer Sutherland is great in this episode, and so is Michelle Fairley. It is sad to see her go, but it was inevitable with Bauer on your tail.

We’re still waiting on the time jump, which the showrunners have confirmed is coming to carry the series from merely 12 hours into 24, and we’re expecting it will happen between Episodes 10 and 11 leading into the penultimate episode, which will mean that the finale will happen without us as the audience adjust to a brighter setting and possibly a different country. Having the jump happen for the start of Episode 11 makes sense, as the finale of 24 is always one of the best episodes of the season.

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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